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  • Hilary Gan

    Hilary Gan

    Fiction and essay writer. Toddler parent. Obsessed with Britain as a concept, classical history, home design and organization, plants, recycling, and Stoicism.

  • Kima Jones

    Kima Jones

    Kima Jones is the founder of Jack Jones Literary Arts, a Los Angeles-based book publicity company. She writes poetry and prose.

  • Mensah Demary

    Mensah Demary

    Editor, Catapult

  • Nicole Chung

    Nicole Chung

  • Ashley C. Ford

    Ashley C. Ford

    Writer. Editor. Host. AshleyCFord.Com

  • Malcolm Harris

    Malcolm Harris

    Author of “Kids These Days: Human Capital and the Making of Millennials” malcolmpharris@gmail ☭

  • Beth Jusino

    Beth Jusino

    Editor. Writer. Teacher. Pilgrim. Wrote The Author's Guide to Marketing. Former runner. Still love to eat. Blogging my Camino story at http://caminotimestwo.com

  • Mikey Neumann

    Mikey Neumann

    A Man on Many Spectrums / Movies with Mikey / Borderlands writer at @gearboxsoftware / Voice Actor / @TVCrimesPodcast with @wilw / Ace

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